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    Sea Water flake ice Machine
      • Sea Water flake ice Machine
      • Sea Water flake ice Machine

    Sea Water flake ice

    Sea Water flake ice Application fields

    Sea water flake ice machines are widely used in the ocean fish, sea food preservation, sea water making ice directly. The more and more user give up the traditional ice cream brick cooling way, but choose the more convenient and quick, more economic sea water flake ice machine.

    Design, Technology, Material:

    Zeronice sea water flake ice machines designed for navigation system operation, it overcome the seawater corrosion and the ship’s pitch.

    Sea water flake ice machine, manufactured with 316L stainless steel, corrosion-resistant。The design meets with the standard of the classification society. The use of one or more Bitzer (oil) semi-hermetic piston compressor accords with sea water cooling and sea water condenser. All parts are welded together. So it is strong enough to run normally even in a pitching and rolling ship.

    Material: Special treatment surface, installed directly on the ship, the vibrating angle up to 35 degree. Use sea water to make flake ice, and the ice fall down to the cabin directly. Due to the machine works continuously, the load of vessels can be reduced dramatically, also, fuel costs can be largely saved.

    Sea Water flake ice Product Analysis:

    This serial product are applicable for sea water

    Refrigerants system: Fluorine system/Ammonia system

    Thickness of flake ice: 1.5~2.2mm

    Applicable working condition: Ambient temp: 0~550C, water temp: -2~450C

    Standard working condition: Ambient temp: 250C, water temp: 180C, evaporating temp: -200C

    Sea Water flake ice Technique Parameter:

    Refrigerants: R404A/R717

    Power supply: Standard power: 380V-3P-50HZ, also can do according to customer special requirement as like 3 phase 60HZ, 200/220V, 400V, 440V

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